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Cheating is frequently a cause of divorce, and it sometimes comes with health consequences from sexually transmitted diseases. If your soon-to-be former spouse gave you a sexually transmitted disease, you may have recourse. In Texas, the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease is one basis for a marital tort.

A tort is an allegation that happens when someone's careless or intentional act causes harm to another person. A marital tort is a legal claim that is based on behaviors between spouses during a marriage or divorce.

A successful marital tort claim can result in damages in addition to the division of property and assets that occurs during the divorce process. There are numerous other acts that can constitute marital torts, including assault and sexual assault, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, forgery, fraud , breach of fiduciary duty and infliction of emotional distress.

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What if my unfaithful spouse gave me a sexually transmitted disease?

Open Relationship Speaking of commitment and honesty, a recent study from the University of Michigan found something interesting in the realm of monogamy versus open relationships. Who is to Blame for an STD Sexual history and health can be a crucial aspect of an intimate relationship.

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So you would feel sorry for her if she wasn't part of the relationship?? The moment you caught him signing up to affair websites and contacting prostitutes, that's when you should had dumped him. Skip to content. His lying makes you question yourself, your instincts, and even your sanity. Health practitioners "may consider encouraging their monogamous patients to discuss specific definitions of monogamy, and to form a plan for coping with lapses from these agreements," the researchers wrote in their study, published March 29 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Her husband had an STD before marriage and told her.

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